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Unravel the Genderless Dresscode

Derek Chan・Fashion Designer & Founder, DEMO

Mayao Ma・Fashion Stylist, Singer and Founder of Fame Glory Productions

Alex Lam・Actor and Singer-songwriter

October 2021Cantonese

In the previous episode, renowned stylist, Mayao, and Derek Chan, designer and founder of cult label DEMO, shared with us what genderless fashion is. This time, they further bring forward genderless fashion and visualise the design in front of us. They also demonstrate how to apply genderless fashion to daily life by integrating fabric, cutting and functionality into the piece, making it more than just a stage look which not only fashion icons can wear.

About Derek Chan

Founded by Hong Kong designer Derek Chan in 2014, DEMO is a fashion label that redefines masculinity and femininity, dismantles gender boundaries and brings together philosophy and poetry in designs created to defy expectations. The aesthetics and attitude exuded in Chan’s work are beyond imagination. The brand’s signature style of soft masculinity is brought to life with handmade embellishments and embroidery, rich textiles such as tweed, and classical elements which are contrasted with contemporary styling to subvert stereotypes.

About Mayao Ma

“Mayao” as he is known to his legions of followers, started out as a fashion and beauty influencer. He later went on to establish his own creative agency Fame Glory Productions, through which he collaborates with high profile brands such as Givenchy and Charlotte Tilbury. His penchant for experimentation and pushing gender stereotypes earns him a spot on multiple “best dressed” lists. He also styles Hong Kong’s biggest names in music and film including Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan and Jay Chou.

About Alex Lam

As a second-generation member of one of Hong Kong’s most prominent entertainment families, music has always formed a core part of Alex Lam’s life. After releasing his debut album in 2012, he became the new darling of major brands and advertisers, working with global fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior, Loewe and many more. Alex is also an actor and founder of social media talk show, Le FISHTANK, which covers performance arts, fashion trends and music.


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