BMUET(TE) South Korea

The duo designers Byungmun Seo and Jina Um first met whilst working as designer in Seoul and they moved to London to broaden their boundary together. Individually, Byungmun Seo completed his Master at London College of Fashion in 2012 and Jina Um pursued new research in fashion design and collaboration with various artists in London. And they share the experience and idea acquiring new inspiration from experimental process of research and fine art, hi-tech trend during their stay in London. Both want to develop their inspiration and decide to launch menswear label, Byungmun Seo in 2012. Showed the collection in Milan, Paris and Seoul Fashion Week. After about 3 years, they’ve debuted womenswear range in 2015 and then created new label, BMUET(TE). The duo takes on an endeavor to mirror the sprit of their label and design aesthetic. They challenge to current global fashion market and expands BMUET(TE) to new and interesting areas with the distinctive style.