Since China’s economic reform, Hong Kong led the fashion influence during 1980s and much of 1990s over Chinese consumers, especially through its entertainment industry including movies, TV dramas, pop music and many legendary celebrities. Up until 2000’s, Hong Kong was the most important window for mainland Chinese consumers to learn about international fashion. Alex and Wesley, both actors who were born into star-studded families in Hong Kong’s golden era of 1980’s join Andrew Wu, Group President of LVMH Greater China to share their memories and views on the subject.


About Andrew Wu

A leading authority on Chinese consumer trends, Andrew Wu was born and raised in Shanghai. After living in Canada until the mid-1990s, he returned to China as the head of Parfums Christian Dior until 2000. Following this, he joined Sony Music Entertainment as its Vice President for Asia. In 2005, he re-joined LVMH as Group Head of Greater China, overseeing the rapid growth and evolution of the group’s 70 plus brands in the Chinese marketplace.


About Alex Lam

Raised in a musical environment, Alex’s father George Lam is a top singer in Asia and his mother was a former music producer; so music has always been Alex’s best companion at an early age. Alex’s first public appearance was on a print ad by chance and soon after his entertainment career took off. In November, 2012 he released his debut album 《Alex Lam》which won him many newcomer awards in the same year.

Alex became the new darling of major brands and advertisers, working with global fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior, Loewe and many more. Alex also participates in many screen productions, and is currently building a very strong profile with his numerous leading roles in the cinematic field.


About Wesley Wong

Wesley is a rising star in Asia who made his Hollywood debut as one of the key cadets in the film “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. As a second-generation actor from a famed Chinese acting family, Wesley’s childhood was filled with watching countless Hong Kong movies. Wesley went on to study finance at the University of Southern California, but he found over time that he was not creatively or artistically satisfied and was at a crossroad. It was then that his father, Melvin Wong, a famed comedic and martial arts actor, and his mother, award-winning actress Angie Chiu, one of China’s biggest television stars, encouraged him to discover his true passion for life.

After a lot of thought, he came to realization that acting was his passion, and moved back to China to enroll in the esteemed Beijing Film Academy. After graduating in 2014, acting roles soon followed, and Wesley has since then made numerous films and TV dramas around Asia. In addition to acting, Wesley has always been a favorite amongst global fashion brands, thus a frequent guest at fashion events including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Versace, and Chanel.