Fashion Challenges Forum (時尚未來論壇) 是一個時尚業界論壇,透過對話交流,激發創意靈感,並深入探討時尚行業當前面對的重要議題。


Fashion Challenges Forum 匯聚業界領袖、設計師及企業家等,分享他們探索觀摩的市場動向及交流從業經驗,並為企業和品牌提出可行的策略及創新的構思。

*Fashion Asia 保留對論壇內容及形式做修改及更新的權利而不做另行通知。


Establishing a Thriving Fashion Community

Caroline Rush CBE・英國時裝協會行政總裁

Caroline Issa (主持人)・Tank 集團行政總裁

Creating and supporting a local fashion community is key to global success. The British Fashion Council CEO shares her expertise on how to engage emerging brands, designers and established businesses.

The Creator of Chinese Couture

郭培・GUO PEI及玫瑰坊創辦人

Victoria Tang-Owen (主持人)・Thirty30 Creative 及 Victoria Tang Studio 創辦人兼創意總監及上海灘藝術及文化總監

Haute Couture has long been regarded as the pinnacle of craftsmanship in the fashion industry. An internationally renowned Chinese couturier shares her insights on building a global business around this rarefied craft.

Regional Reshift

Judy Liu・FARFETCH 大中華區及亞太區總裁兼執行委員會成員

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及編輯

Shopping habits and consumer behaviours in the Asia Pacific region are continually evolving. An ecommerce expert dissects new trends and explains how brands can innovate and engage new markets as we head into an economic slowdown.

To AI or not to AI

Kerry Murphy・The Fabricant創辦人兼行政總裁

Rose du Chatellier・Condé Nast業務創新總監

Desiree Au (主持人)・《Vogue》香港版出版人

Everyone in the industry is keen to explore and harness the powers of Artificial Intelligence. Two digital experts discuss how this new tool is transforming the creative process to create a more personalised experience.

The Fashion Week Comeback

Phillip Lim・3.1 Phillip Lim 共同創辦人及創意總監

Kazufumi Otsuka・Women's Wear Daily 日本版副編輯

Kaoru Imajo (主持人)・日本時裝周委員會時裝周部門總監

Every major fashion week has made a triumphant return this year but are their original objectives and goals still relevant? Fashion week veterans debate the pros and cons of this industry mainstay.

Adapting To The Asian Market

Dione Song・Love, Bonito 行政總裁

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及編輯

Asia is home to a growing number of accessible ready-to-wear labels targeting a more local audience. An executive from a well-known Singaporean brand reveals how the marketplace has evolved, the growth of online and how fast fashion can still be sustainable.

Talents of Tomorrow

Alexis Bonhomme・FARFETCH 全球產業合作關係與亞太區商業副總裁

Antonella Viero・OTB 集團策略顧問


Sophie Brocart・Patou 首席執行官兼 LVMH 青年設計師獎指導總監

Caroline Issa (主持人)・Tank 集團行政總裁

Talent isn’t enough when you want to become a global success story. A panel of industry experts explain the common pitfalls emerging designers face and how mentors and industry support are vital to their survival.

From Seoul to the World

Mo Kim・We11done 行政總裁

Jessica Jung・We11done 聯合創辦人兼創意總監

Tracey Cheng・I.T 商品副總裁 - 女裝

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及編輯

Korean brands continue to draw in an international audience with their cool aesthetic and modern appeal. An industry buyer and the founders of Seoul’s hottest label discuss how the rise of Korean fashion is changing and inspiring the industry.

The New Age of Influencing



Desiree Au (主持人)・《Vogue》香港版出版人

Influencers are now a core part of any brand’s marketing strategy but how do they stay relevant in an increasingly crowded marketplace? Two influential media personalities divulge how to create long term strategic partnerships and keep audiences engaged.

The Future of Haute Couture

Robert Wun・ROBERT WUN 創辦人兼時裝設計師

Caroline Issa (主持人)・Tank 集團行政總裁

Is the Haute Couture industry still inspiring to the next generation of designers? A Hong Kong born couture designer uncovers the challenges and opportunities faced by independent creatives and the future that lies ahead.

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