Fashion Challenges Forum (时尚未来论坛) 是一个时尚业界论坛,透过对话交流,激发创意灵感,并深入探讨时尚行业当前面对的重要议题。


Fashion Challenges Forum汇聚业界领袖、设计师及企业家等,分享他们探索观摩的市场动向及交流从业经验,并为企业和品牌提出可行的策略及创新的构思。

*部分讲者或主持将以视像或预录模式参与。Fashion Asia 保留对论坛内容及形式做修改及更新的权利而不做另行通知。


Home Connection

Jihong Mao *・例外 EXCEPTION de MIXMIND 及 方所创始人兼董事长

The newly developed Greater Bay Area will unlock plenty of new opportunities for Hong Kong talents. A fashion expert and entrepreneur discusses how the city’s designers can foster closer ties with the mainland while offering advice on building a successful brand.

Insurgent Thinking

Stefano Martinetto *・Tomorrow London Ltd 行政总裁及共同创办人

Caroline Issa (主持人) *・Tank 集团行政总裁

Tomorrow’s Stefano Martinetto in conversation with Caroline Issa about his maverick approach to building a business that supports creative entrepreneurship, how to supercharge young brands and a love of product.

Bringing It Back Home

Alice Temperley MBE *・Temperley London 创办人及时装设计师

Caroline Issa (主持人) *・Tank 集团行政总裁

Alice Temperley, MBE in conversation with Caroline Issa about what it took to build Temperley London into a British Luxury brand, rethinking the fashion cycle and discovering local production partners at the footsteps of her new Somerset headquarters.

Supporting New Talents

Ashlynn Park *・ASHLYN 创办人及时装设计师

Megan Reynolds *・MATCHESFASHION 品牌总监

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及编辑

Providing support to up-and-coming designers is now more crucial than ever. A luxury retailer and fashion designer offer their insight on how designers and retailers can cultivate their relationship while carving their own niche.

“Outsiders” In

Giuliano Calza *・GCDS 共同创办人及创意总监

Caroline Issa (主持人) *・Tank 集团行政总裁

Giluliano Calza of GCDS in conversation with Caroline Issa about creating fashion for a like-minded community, why feeling like an outsider can be a superpower, and what it takes to build a global brand for a new generation of consumers.

Shanghai Style

Susan Fang *・SUSAN FANG 创办人及时装设计师

Shanghai has become a hot spot for the mainland’s most promising designers. One of the city’s rising talents discusses how the city has helped shape her success and the importance of promoting craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

China’s New Guard

Yueqi Qi *・YUEQI QI 创办人及时装设计师

China’s new generation of designers have now earned their place in the global spotlight. An up-and-coming talent charts her path to success while revealing the importance of balancing one’s own heritage with global trends and demands.

Asia Power

Thibault Villet・Tory Burch 亚太区总裁

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及编辑

Luxury brands based in the region have had to grapple with harsh new realities including budgets and traffic. A luxury brand head talks about the opportunities that lie ahead and how the region can maintain its unique competitive edge.

Reclaiming Your Heritage

Phillip Lim *・3.1 Phillip Lim 共同创办人及创意总监

Tiffany Godoy *・《Vogue》日本版总编辑

Desiree Au (主持人)・《Vogue》香港版出版人

Phillip Lim – Co-Founder & Creative Director, 3.1 Phillip Lim
Tiffany Godoy – Head of Editorial Content, Vogue Japan, Condé Nast Japan
Moderated by Desiree Au – Publisher, Vogue Hong Kong

How can Asian designers create brands with a global vision while respecting their unique cultural voice? An internationally acclaimed designer talks to media experts about how he reclaimed his Asian heritage to become an advocate for minorities and his community.

Navigating the Digital Realm

Leslie Holden・The Digital Fashion Group 共同创办人

In just a few short years the digital world has changed drastically, offering designers a whole new world of opportunity and challenges. A digital expert explains how young designers can utilise Web 3.0, the metaverse and more.

Imagining a Phygital Future

Daria Shapovalova *・DRESSX 创办人及行政总裁

Natalia Modenova *・DRESSX 创办人及首席营运总监

Olga Chernysheva・DRESSX 首席可持续发展官

Leslie Holden・The Digital Fashion Group 共同创办人

Phygital fashion offers customers a unique experience that utilises both the physical and virtual worlds. A digital fashion pioneer discusses how this movement can empower brands and designers to create, produce and sell fashion in more efficient and sustainable ways.

The Next Chapter

Blondie Tsang・连卡佛及俊思集团总裁

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及编辑

Over its 172 year history in Greater China, Lane Crawford, Asia’s pre-eminent luxury retailer has thrived through market expansion and the boomtimes of luxury growth, and navigated the challenges of wartime takeover, social flashpoints and pandemics. Its new leader talks about what’s important to the business now and what’s next for retail.

Defining the Future of Crypto, Luxury, and Storytelling

Shashi Menon・《Vogue》阿拉伯版 及 UNXD 行政总裁

Ahy Choi (主持人)・《Vogue》香港版编辑总监

Recent years have seen an explosive growth of NFTs in the global luxury market, but how long will the momentum last? The founder of a pioneering NFT marketplace sheds new light on the future of the NFT in the fashion industry.

Media Shifts

Ciara Byrne *・Condé Nast 业务创新副总裁

Desiree Au (主持人)・《Vogue》香港版出版人

A new media order has emerged since the pandemic where only the strongest have survived. A representative from one of the industry’s most respected media groups discusses how the landscape has changed and the role innovation and technology will play in the future.

Modernising Couture

Andrea Brocca *・ANDREA BROCCA 时装设计师

Bea Valdes (主持人)・《Vogue》菲律宾版总编辑

Is there a place for couture in a post-pandemic world? A Gen-Z couturier explains how couture can still survive in an increasingly digital world and how its future lies with the next generation.

Creating Tomorrow’s Brands

Simone Rocha・Simone Rocha 創辦人及時裝設計師

Tracey Cheng・I.T 商品副总裁 - 女装

Divia Harilela (主持人)・THE D'VINE 主理人及编辑

Transitioning from an emerging designer to an established global brand has become extremely challenging. A veteran buyer and renowned designer discuss how the industry can help designers build and grow their own successful brand.

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